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When to play?

An annual bingo license allows for a qualified organization to play bingo the same day and time at the same location each week. Although, almost all annual bingo licenses play each week, your organization can choose to play monthly or bi-weekly on the license as well.

Where to play?

While most bingos have historically been held at a commercial bingo hall or at a location that is rented or owned by an organization, many have started a car bingo in order to allow for more players or create an environment that some players prefer.

Commercial bingo halls are licensed by the bureau and have many of the necessary tools and equipment to operate bingo as provided through an agreement between the commercial bingo hall and organization. They can offer concessions, an already existing player base, and experience and knowledge to help your organization be successful. Afterall, the only way a hall can be successful is if you are successful.

Holding bingo at an organization's own location can save considerably in rent. Bingo equipment is either purchased or leased from a supplier. Workers typically consist of volunteer members and additional profit can be raised by offering concessions.

If your organization does not have its own location, determine a commercial location with availability or consider unique locations. Any location charging for use of space must first obtain a Hall License.

Search for weekly bingos in your area by city or county.

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Where to buy bingo paper and charity game tickets (pull tabs or break open tickets)?

Suppliers that have been licensed by the bureau can provide bingo equipment, paper, charity game tickets, and other supplies to help your organization run their bingo event. Find a supplier that is happy to work with you and answer all your questions and find solutions that will benefit your bingo.

Licensed Suppliers


What to play?

When developing a game program, consider how many games you would like to offer based on duration of event. Each game would be played on a uniquely colored sheet and one sheet for each game would be in a pack. All players would be required to minimally purchase a pack while any specials and charity game tickets would be add-on costs. Your inspector and supplier can assist you in finding what might work best for your organization as well as providing game ideas.

Calculate cost of event--worker pay, rent, and bingo prizes. Divide that cost by the minimum number of players you would expect. This is what your pack would cost in order to break even. Is the cost too high? Prizes are the primary expense that can be adjusted and it can be reduced through fewer bingo games and by reducing some of the prizes. Some games can be played with a tier where the prize increases if attendance reaches a certain level.

TIP: Always include a variety of bingo-interactive charity game tickets to play along with most bingo games. These not only add fun and more prizes, they will help cover expenses and provide your organization with a profit. They should be sold at the door and can be added to a packet, increasing the cost by the cost of the tickets.

Work with your licensed hall to determine if rent can be tiered based on attendance. Both parties benefit when working together to maximize attendance.

How to apply for a license?

If your organization has never applied for a gaming license from Charitable Gaming, your organization will need to go through the qualification process before a license can be issued.

Once you decide where and when your organization wants to play bingo, simply complete the Bingo Application Part 1 and Part 2 and include a check for the annual license fee of $150 (if you are entering into a lease agreement with a commercial hall, you'll need to include a copy of the lease agreement).

How is the bingo license is received?

When your license is issued, you will receive a letter notifying you that your license is issued and direct you to your local inspector to set up a training. A Charitable Gaming representative will meet with your organization to review game ideas, rules, paperwork and answer any questions you may have. Charitable Gaming Division can offer support to make your bingo successful and compliant with the act and rules.


How to Download Bingo Game Records