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Alternative Raffles

Alternative Raffles

An alternative raffle is a raffle for which a method other than the random drawing of a ticket stub is used to determine a winner.  There are many types of alternative raffles. Some are so popular that the Charitable Gaming Division has provided instructions on how to conduct these alternative raffles.  For example, the Animal Determination, Ball Drop GameDaily 3 Daily RaffleDuck RaceHeads or Tails Game, Playing Card Bingo Raffle GamePlaying Card Progressive RaffleQuarter Raffle Game, Wine Pull Raffle have directives.

If you do not find an alternative raffle directive that approves the type of raffle you would like to conduct, then approval must be obtained prior to conducting the raffle.  Simply submit a detailed description of the proposed raffle along with your raffle application and license fee. Explain how the raffle will be conducted including the random selection method that will be used, how a tie will be handled (if applicable), and the record keeping procedures.  Please include the name and phone number of the person who should be contacted if there are questions regarding the alternative raffle description submitted.

If you have questions regarding alternative raffles, please contact our office at (517) 335-5780.


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