• Promote importance of building strong partnerships

    Promote importance of building strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders at state, local and community level including water and energy stakeholders so that we can employ cost-savings through joint ventures and a greater impact in community due to shared resources;

  • Bridge water and energy conservation

    Bridge water and energy conservation efforts while ensuring that water quality remains a priority;

  • environmental sustainability

    Promote overall environmental sustainability for community;

  • Water bill with cost decreasing

    Improve affordability for community residents especially residents in disadvantaged and small communities by incorporating water conservation and premise plumbing repairs within water assistance programs. 

Continuing the Work

Continuing the Work

  • Finding and fixing leaks can improve health, reduce utility bills, and significantly reduces water and energy waste.  Though Fix-a-Leak Week provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of finding and fixing leaks, the work to save water and energy should be ongoing. 

    What is Watergy*?

    Some people call it Watergy - the strong link between water and energy in the municipal water system. As the word implies, it's the understanding that water and energy efficiency go hand-and-hand.  When you look at Watergy in the Municipal or Public Water Supply it revolves around improvements around water service, increased water delivery, reduced water and energy consumption, and more revenue for system upgrades and new customer connections. Municipal Water supplies take actions to save water and energy for their communities and the shared environment before water even gets to their customers - whether that's a home, a school building or even that coffee shop around the corner.

    *Term "Watergy" was coined by the Alliance to Save Energy.

Water and Energy - Watergy - Saving Tips for Municipal Water Suppliers

Water and Energy Saving Tips for Community Residents

  • Save water, save money, and help the environment with these tips:

    • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
    • Replace high volume toilets with low volume toilets
    • Fix or replace all leaking faucets and pipes
    • Replace leaking appliances and fixtures*
    • Replace outdoor hose bibs with frost-proof anti-siphon wall hydrants

    *Contact your local water department or community action agency to see if there are assistance programs