• The Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate strives to provide Michigan residents with information regarding their water quality and outline statewide strategies to improve water quality.

    The Clean Water Ambassador Group will provide a resident’s perspective on drinking water data needed to ensure transparency. Based on the information gathered from ambassadors, outreach materials will be developed and access to data will be more readily available on the Clean Water website.

    An Annual Accountability Report will be produced that includes metrics that highlight statewide efforts to improve water quality and ensure that residents have the resources needed to protect their families if they experience a water quality issue. The Report will also summarize current projects and highlight next steps for the Office.

Clean Water Public Advocate Roadmap

  • Chart_PublicAdvocateRoadmap

    Four milestones have been identified for calendar year 2020.

    A comprehensive communication plan will be developed that allows us to better align with our partners and better utilize our limited resources. The Office will serve as a conduit to connect resources across State of Michigan Departments to ensure that resources available to residents are accessible. Connection from partners at the state, local, and community level is key to improving and addressing water quality concerns. Feedback from Michigan residents will drive the development and revision of policies and procedures. Our Clean Water Ambassadors will play an integral role in providing recommendations and ensuring that innovative engagement strategies are utilized. 

    The Clean Water Ambassador Group will serve as a component of the overall communication plan. Clean Water Ambassadors will provide feedback on public awareness campaign materials from a resident’s perspective and assist in promoting transparency of data and documents related to lead in drinking water. Feedback from true community will help improve our programs and support the work of existing advisory groups.

    The Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate is working with EGLE’s Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division to develop a Uniform Drinking Water Concern System. This system consists of a standard operating procedure, ensures uniformity among EGLE district offices, and provides guidance regarding concern intake, investigation, escalation, and communication.

    An Annual Accountability Report will summarize complaints received, drinking water related activities within EGLE, an update regarding progress towards strategic priorities (metrics), as well as recommendations identified by the Office. It will recap the previous year and provide an overview of next steps for the upcoming year.