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    Keeping You Informed


Ensure Michigan residents have water quality information needed to protect their families.

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The Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate will improve accessibility to...

  • Local Water Quality Information
    • For information about your drinking water quality, contact:
      • Your public water supplier for their annual water quality report, or Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).
      • Your local health department if you have a private residential well.
    • For more information, visit our Water Basics page.
  • Report Water Quality Concerns
    • Information regarding how to report your water quality concerns and who monitors and regulates your water is available on our Water Basics page.
  • Recommendations and Resources Available to Impacted Communities
    • Information for community residents who have been impacted by water quality issues can be found on the Community Info tab. 
  • Laws, Rules, and Policies that Impact Water Quality
    • Information regarding current laws and rules that impact water quality will be available on the Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate website.
    • When new laws, rules, and policies are proposed, Clean Water Ambassadors will be notified via the Clean Water quarterly newsletters. Additionally, those newsletters will be available on our Transparency page.

Ensure Michigan residents have an opportunity to provide feedback about water quality programs and outreach efforts.

Clean Water Ambassadors will have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding water quality efforts in their community and across Michigan. Feedback from ambassadors will help improve lead outreach efforts and resources available to community residents. Ambassadors also play a key role in improving transparency by providing insight regarding data and information needed from state and local partners to ensure that residents can protect their families.

Feedback from Clean Water Ambassadors will be captured through in-person community forums, online surveys, and webinars.

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