an outline of the state of michigan filled with an abstract blue patternThere are many factors that influence our daily lives. Collaboration with partners allows the Office to share resources available to communities more widely. 

Partners from all sectors are encouraged to signup for the Clean Water newsletter.  The newsletter contains information that can be shared with community residents regarding local and statewide water quality updates.  Additionally, the Office welcomes opportunities to present and engage with residents and partners at community events and conferences. Feel free to email

Office Efforts:

Focus on Water Initiative: working together to ensure a health water future

Through the Focus on Water Initiative, the Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate brings together multi-sector partners to support community efforts and connect resources to address water concerns.

Focus on Water Initiatives

Statewide Efforts:

As Clean Water partners, connecting our resources at the state, local, and community level is vital to ensure that we provide clean water to Michigan residents. It takes a village. 

State and local partners work together to identify, monitor, and remediate the many factors that influence water quality including lead and PFAS. The websites below speak to the collaborative efforts between State of Michigan departments as well as partnerships with our local and community partners. Please review the following sites for drinking water quality resources and information.


There are many statewide advisory committees that focus directly and indirectly on water quality. Communities are encouraged to attend meetings if possible, read minutes, and/or provide feedback regarding committee’s priorities.