• Focus on Water Initiative: working together to ensure a health water future

    Through the Focus on Water Initiative, the Office of the Clean Water Public Advocate brings together multi-sector partners to support community efforts and connect resources to address water concerns.

    Focus on Water Initiatives: benton harbor lead outreach partnership, water leak pilot, additional community projects in 2021

Current and Upcoming Community Initiatives

Benton Harbor Lead Outreach Partnership

Benton Harbor Lead Outreach Partnership

  • The Benton Harbor Lead Outreach Partnership is a multi-sector team of community-based, local and state partners that began February 2020. The Benton Harbor Community Water Council, the City of Benton Harbor, Berrien County Health Department, Andrews University, Freshwater Future, and the Benton Spirit Community Newspaper; Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy; and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services are joining forces to ensure that Benton Harbor residents have access to information and free resources to reduce lead in water.

    Team Deliverables:

Water Leak Pilot

Water Leak Pilot

  • The Water Leak Pilot was developed through a partnership with community-based organizations and local partners with the support of state partners. The Pilot will launch in January 2021 in Highland Park and Benton Harbor, Michigan.

    The Water Leak Pilot was established to reduce water waste in communities. Repairing water has many benefits for the resident, community, and water supplier. Water leaks are a financial burden for the resident, can contribute to water quality concerns, and are an energy burden for water suppliers. 

    The Water Leak Pilot will increase community education about water leaks, conducting household water audits, and providing tips for energy savings. Two hundred residents in Benton Harbor and Highland Park that participate in the Pilot will receive free premise plumbing repairs. In addition, all pilot participants will receive referrals to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Healthy Homes Program for lead assessment and abatement. 

    Review The Water Leak Pilot Overview for more information about the program.

     Water Leak Pilot Overview

Focus on Water Initiative Stakeholders

  • The Focus on Water Initiative brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a strategy that optimizes limited resources for a greater impact in communities. These stakeholders come from a wide range of sectors, including community-based organizations, government organizations, education organizations, water and energy infrastructure organizations, and consulting partners.  

    Interested in participating in current Focus on Water Initiatives?  Or do you have a suggestion for a pilot in your community?  Contact