• Focus on Water Initiative project: Water Leak Pilot

    Many older homes have plumbing that may be leaky and may also contain lead.  Water leaks can increase your water bill and can also allow unsafe bacteria and contaminants to enter your water. 

    Water leaks within the home and through the community may also impact overall water affordability, the cost associated with water delivery to community residents, due to energy and water waste within the system.

    Sign-up for free Water Leak Repairs

    • Residents in the City of Benton Harbor and the City of Highland Park are invited to sign up as participants in the Water Leak Pilot. Residents can do this by submitting the Resident Sign-up Form.
    • Residential homes with head of household 65 years or older and/or at least one child in the home more than 4 days/week are prioritized to participate in the Pilot Program

    When you sign up as a Water Leak Pilot Participant, you:

    • Get water leaks repaired at no cost to you
    • Lower the cost of your water bill
    • Keep your family safe by getting lead fixtures replaced
    • Learn tips for energy savings
     Residents Sign Up Here