Water Leak Partners

The Focus on Water Initiative brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a strategy that optimizes limited resources for a greater impact in communities. These stakeholders come from a wide range of sectors, including community-based organizations, government organizations, education organizations, water and energy infrastructure organizations, and consulting partners.  

The Water Leak Pilot was established to reduce water and energy waste and the financial burden associated with water leaks while looking at the water-energy nexus; the water-energy nexus refers to the relationship between water used for energy production.

The Water Leak Pilot brings together stakeholders from various sectors, including community-based organizations, state government, water and energy intersection organizations, plumbers' unions, and educational organizations.


Water Leak Pilot Partners: Community-based organizations, consulting partners, educational organizations, local plumbers, state government, local water departments

Interested in hosting a water leak event in your community? We are looking for partners through Michigan that will help provide education and resources to Michigan residents.  Interested in joining the partnership?  Contact EGLE-CleanWater@Michigan.gov.