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  • About Climate and Energy

    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in February 2019 signed Executive Order 2019-06 that created the Department of Great Lakes, Environment, and Energy. The executive order expanded the duties of the former Department of Environmental Quality to include as a priority an added focus on energy and climate issues as they affect the state and its residents.

    Dr. Brandy BrownThe executive order created the Office of Climate and Energy within EGLE, to be led by Dr. Brandy Brown, who was appointed by EGLE Director Liesl Clark in June 2019. Brown has expertise in the clean energy economy and coordinate state efforts on climate change, providing insight and recommendations on mitigation and adaption to climate change.

    The Office of Climate and Energy will coordinate Michigan's response to climate change across state departments and agencies, and provide recommendations, guidance and assistance on climate change mitigation, adaptation and resiliency strategies. It will also support the state’s move to increased clean energy production and work with stakeholders to educate the public on the benefits of renewable energy sources as well as energy efficiency practices.

    Executive Order 2019-06 also moved the former Michigan Energy Office under EGLE’s Materials Management Division. Now known as the Energy Services Unit, the office is committed to promoting healthy communities, economic growth, and environmental sustainability through energy waste reduction and renewable energy.

    Gov. Whitmer and EGLE also have taken other steps to promote clean energy and work toward mitigating the effects of climate change:

    • The state of Michigan signed on as a member of the U.S. Climate Alliance, a coalition of stakeholders committed to taking action to address climate change.
    • An Executive Directive promotes lead-by-example sustainability initiatives within state agencies.
    • EGLE is coordinating the cabinet-wide Climate and Sustainability workgroup.
    • The U.P. Energy Task Force launched to help foster energy affordability, reliability, and resilience in the Upper Peninsula.
    • EGLE formed an internal Climate and Energy Team to refine its agency-wide approach to climate efforts and energy efficiency and to integrate existing efforts throughout all divisions.


Michigan Energy Office

  • Energy Services is committed to promoting healthy communities, economic growth, and environmental sustainability through energy waste reduction (EWR) and renewable energy (RE).  We engage stakeholders to inform and develop Michigan's energy future, participate in lead-by-example initiatives, and support energy literacy to develop a vibrant energy workforce.

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Energy Security

  • Being prepared for an energy emergency or outage helps to keep Michigan families safe and warm and transportation running, as well as maintaining operations for Michigan’s businesses.  MAE is primarily responsible for recommending declarations of energy emergencies to the governor, and also partners with a number of agencies, including the Michigan state police, to respond to all emergencies that have energy-related components.

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