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  • EGLE collaborates with stakeholders and utilities to maximize energy benefits through energy efficiency, heating assistance, education, emergency preparedness, outreach and advocacy.

Energy Management

Energy Management

  • Energy management is the key to reducing the amount of energy you use which can reduce your impact on the environment. Energy management is the process of tracking the energy you use, finding opportunities to reduce the amount of energy needed, acting on those opportunities, and continuing to monitor your energy. Using active energy management, you can take control of your electric bill.


Step 1: Track your Energy Use

  • First, you need to know how much energy you are using, day to day, month to month, year to year. There are ways to do this using online tools:

Step 2: Become Energy Efficient

  • The next step is to replace inefficient items, switch out old lighting to LED bulbs, add insulation, seal windows and doors, replace household appliance with ENERGYSTAR certified models. You can also have an auditor come to your home to identify areas you could save; how much it could cost and how much you can save each year. Contact your utility to request an energy audit.

    Energy Efficient Products: ENERGYSTAR

    Utility Contacts: Energy Waste Reduction

    Each utility company in Michigan is required by Michigan law to provide some sort of incentive for energy waste reduction.  Each utility offers different energy assessments or audits and incentives, and depending on your utility, you may have access to:

    • ENERGYSTAR products like LED bulbs, refrigerators, clothes washers and more
    • Upgrades to your home such as energy efficient furnaces and better insulation

Step 3: Pursue Renewable Energy

  • Once your home is as efficient as possible, the next step is to pursue renewable energy. There are different options available, but the most common for residents are:

    • Solar energy – energy that is generated from the sun, such as solar panels
    • Geothermal energy – energy that is generated and stored in the earth

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