Technical Assistance Pilot for Combined Heat and Power (TAP CHP) - Closed

The Michigan Energy Office (MEO) is offering a grant to deliver combined heat and power (CHP) feasibility studies and training to end-users in Michigan likely to significantly benefit from the implementation of CHP at their facilities.  Projects must be completed by September 30, 2019.   

Eligibility Requirements

Any organization with significant prior experience completing CHP feasibility studies and educating Michigan entities on the benefits of implementing CHP is eligible to apply.  Applicant must be in good standing with the State of Michigan and have the ability to enter into a grant agreement with MAE. 

Funding Amount

A maximum of $50,000 is available for this grant.  All applicants must provide a minimum 100 percent (1:1) match of the total requested grant funds.  Federal funds are ineligible as match.    


Reporting Obligations

  • Meetings (in-person and/or by phone) with grant manager as needed.
  • Bi-monthly reports, at a minimum.
  • Financial status reports supported by invoices, supporting documentation, and a narrative report (no less than quarterly).
  • Final report on grant outcomes and impact, addressing any potential benefits and cost savings resulting from the project.

Tentative Timeline

Release Date & Posting:

October 12, 2018

Questions Due Regarding Posting:

October 19, 2018

Changes to RFP and Responses to Questions:

October 23, 2018

Proposal Deadline:

October 29, 2018

Start Date for Grant

December 1, 2018

End Date for Grant:

September 30, 2019


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All questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to David Herb at through October 19, 2018 and responses to all questions will be posted by October 23, 2018.