Michigan K-12 Public School HVAC Assistance Program

Infectious aerosols can be disseminated through buildings by pathways that include air distribution systems and interzone airflows (ASHRAE). This program assists Michigan K-12 public schools with recommendations to reduce infectious aerosol transmission via the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.  A key objective is to assess the overall status of Michigan public schools' HVAC systems and better understand real world opportunities to reducing infectious aerosol transmission.  

This program will survey Michigan K-12 public schools to gather information on their HVAC systems and identify schools needing assistance with recommendations to reduce infectious aerosol transmission.  On completing the survey, schools are eligible to request an onsite inspection from a licensed HVAC contractor for recommendations.  The objective is to assist a broad range of school districts across Michigan (e.g.. urban, suburban and rural school districts).

Air Quality Best Practices - How to improve indoor air quality in school buildings.

Public schools interseted in a free HVAC assessment and contractors interested in pre-approval for performing HVAC assessments are encouraged to view the program webinar and webinar slides to learn how simple it is to participate and who to contact for help.

K-12 Public Schools HVAC Survey

Michigan K-12 schools are encouraged to take a survey to gather basic information on their HVAC systems, recent improvements, and current needs.  Completing the survey will assist the State in assessing the status of Michigan schools' HVAC systems.  Schools completing the survey are eligible to request free assistance with recommendations to reduce infectious aerosol transmission.  

Download the Survey and submit completed surveys to  David Herb at HerbD@Michigan.gov.

Survey Q & A Document (forthcoming)

Submit questions and requests for assistance in completing the survey to David Herb at HerbD@Michigan.gov

Onsite HVAC Assistance

Michigan K-12 public schools that complete the K-12 Public Schools HVAC Survey are eligible to request free assistance with recommendations to reduce infectious aerosol transmission from an approved licensed HVAC contractor (or the school's existing licensed HVAC contractor).  The contractor will complete an HVAC inspection checklist to make recommendations, including cost estimates for implementation.  Both the school building to be inspected and the HVAC contractor completing the inspection must be pre-approved by Energy Services prior to receiving assistance under this program, to ensure program integrity.  To help as many school districts as possible, the onsite HVAC assistance will be limited to one or two buildings per district.

School districts requesting onsite HVAC assistance agree to:

  • Complete the K-12 Public Schools HVAC Survey (see above)
  • Provide documentation showing the school has selected, and approved, a given licensed HVAC contractor to perform the onsite inspection such as an email confirmation with a signature block.
  • A school choosing to use their existing licensed HVAC contractor must have the contractor submit an HVAC Contractor Application (see below).
  • Sign-off on the completed HVAC inspection checklist (as appropriate).
  • School verification of completed HVAC inspection checklist, if requested.

School Request Onsite HVAC Assistance Form

School Onsite HVAC Assistance Q & A Document

Submit questions regarding Schools Onsite HVAC Assistance to David Herb at HerbD@michigan.gov.

HVAC Contractors

Energy Services is extending funding to Michigan licensed HVAC contractors to complete the onsite HVAC inspection checklist to make recommendations to reduce infectious aerosol transmission at pre-approved K-12 public school buildings.  The recommendations must include cost estimates for implementation.  

A minimum of $150,000 in funding is expected to be available to licensed HVAC contractors for this program.  The maximum award is $15,000 per applicant, with a maximum payment of $1,500 per completed checklist.  To assist as many school districts as possible, HVAC contractors are limited to completing the checklist at one or two buildings per school district.  Energy Services must pre-approve the school building to be inspected.  Awards will be given after receiving a complete HVAC Contractor Application (see below) and pre-approval documentation is provided showing the school(s) agrees to the contractor completing the onsite inspection. 

HVAC contractors requesting a financial award agree to:

  • Provide a copy of their LARA Mechanical License,
  • Provide documentation showing a school has selected and approved your company to perform the onsite inspection, such as an email confirmation with signature block.

HVAC contractors receiving a financial award agree to:

  • Sign an award agreement with EGLE Energy Services for the onsite HVAC assistance.
  • Provide the onsite HVAC assistance only to school buildings pre-approved by Energy Services.
  • Use the program's onsite HVAC Inspection Checklist to generate the recommendation report.
  • School verification of completed HVAC inspection checklist.
  • Submit payment request within 10 days of completing checklist. Payment requests must be submitted online and include a copy of the signed, completed HVAC inspection checklist recommendation report. 

HVAC Contractor Application to provide Onsite HVAC Assistance

HVAC Contractor (for Onsite HVAC Assistance) Q & A Document

Submit questions regarding this solicitation to David Herb at HerbD@michigan.gov.


Application Posting Deadline Mid-September 2020
Application Deadline: April 2022
Start Date of HVAC Assistance: October 1, 2020
End Date of HVAC Assistance: Ongoing until funds depleted
Deadline for Payment Submission: August 31. 2022