Michigan Clean Energy Assets Roadmap Program

EGLE Energy Services is offering financial assistance to develop Michigan Clean Energy Asset Roadmaps for the renewable energy (i.e. wind, solar and geothermal) and clean energy technology development sectors intended to quantify (i.e. map) each sector and identify, evaluate and detail opportunities to significantly accelerate sector growth. 

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Eligibility Requirement: Any entity physically located in Michigan, or part of a team submitting a joint application with a Michigan entity, with demonstrated asset mapping capabilities and experience is eligible to apply .

Funding Amount: A total of $450,000 is expected to be made available for this funding opportunity, split into three roadmaps.

  • $150,000 for the Renewable Energy Asset Roadmap
  • $150,000 for Geothermal Asset Roadmap
  • $150,000 for Clean Energy Technology Development Roadmap

Awardee Obligations:

  • Sample Agreement
  • Meetings – minimum of monthly meetings with grant manager (in-person or by phone).
  • Reporting – monthly progress reports and a final report on the project deliverables.
  • Payment Requests – financial status report supported by invoices, timesheets, receipts, proof of payment and other supporting documentation as needed, no less than bi-monthly.

Tentative Timeline:‚Äč     

Solicitation Release Date & Posting February 22, 2021
Questions Due Regarding Posting March 19, 2021
Changes and Responses to Questions April 2, 2021
Proposals Due April 30, 2021
Anticipated Start Date of Grant Period July 1, 2021*
End of Grant Period August 31, 2022
Deadline for Payment Submission:  September 30, 2022






*Effective date of the Grant Agreement is dependent on approval process and the date of a fully executed grant agreement.

Questions and Answers:

Please direct all questions regarding this solicitation to Lisa Thomas at ThomasL17@michigan.gov.