Energy Management Overview and Resources

Resident. Business Owner. School. Government. Every month the electric bill comes, depending on the season that bill could be very high. What if there were a way to bring your energy bill down?

Energy Management Process

Energy Management Overview

Energy management is key to reducing the amount of energy you use, whether a single building or ten. Energy management is the process of tracking the energy you use, finding opportunities to reduce the amount of energy needed, take action on those opportunities, and keep monitoring your energy. Through active energy management, you can take control of your electric bill.

  1. Track Energy Usage 
    The first step is to know how much energy you are using, day to day, month to month, year to year. One way to do this is to set up a free account with ENERGYSTAR Portfolio Manager.
  2. Conduct an Energy Audit 
    An energy audit is an assessment of your building(s) and looks at current energy consumption An energy auditor can assess where your building(s) is losing the most energy, and then recommend improvements to save energy – and reduce your utility bills. 
  3. Implement Energy Efficiency Upgrades
    Energy efficient upgrades are the quickest way to decrease your energy use and electric bill.
  4. Transition to Renewable Energy  
    Once your home/building is as efficient as possible, the next step it to pursue renewable energy. There are different options available, but the most common ones are:
    • Solar energy – energy that is generated from the sun, such as solar panels
    • Geothermal energy – energy that is generated and stored in the earth
    • Wind energy – energy that is generated from the wind, such as wind turbines
    • Biomass – energy that is generated from organic materials, such as wood
    • Hydropower – energy that is generated from water, such as dams

Your utility provider may also offer incentives to upgrade to renewables, but there are other options as well that can help pay/finance renewable upgrades: