Clean Energy & Energy Management Webinar Series

These webinars feature local governments from across the state--both large and small--sharing with their peers their successes and challenges in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings or moving toward more renewable energy. 

Upcoming Webinars: 

  • Experiences with Michigan Community Solar
    Thursday, September 23, 2021: 11:00am - 12:00pm

    Community solar is a hot topic in Michigan, but do you know what it actually entails? In this session, learn about the various definitions of community solar, what's been done in Michigan thus far, and how low-income community members can benefit. Also hear from experts who helped establish some of the state's early community solar projects as they share their experiences and lessons learned. 

Past Webinars:

  • EGLE's Energy Efficiency Programs for Communities
    Recording | Slides
  • The Michigan Energy Code Adoption Process
    Recording | Slides
  • Energy Benchmarking for Municipal Facilities
    Recording | Slides
  • Using EZMT Online Mapping to Plan for Clean Energy
    Recording | DemoSlides
  • Conducting Energy Audits on Municipal Facilities
    Recording | Slides
  • Facilitating Community-wide Clean Energy Improvements Using PACE Financing
    Recording | Slides
  • Helping Facilitate Rooftop Solar in Your Community
    Recording | Slides
  • Introduction to Planning & Zoning for Wind and Solar
    Recording | Slides
  • Planning & Zoning for Utility-Scale Wind
    Recording | Slides
  • Planning & Zoning for Utility-Scale Solar
    Recording | Slides
  • Financing Energy Efficiency Improvements Using Energy Savings Performance Contracts
    Recording | Slides
  • Clean Energy Financing Through Michigan Saves
    Recording | Slides
  • Sustainable Wastewater Infrastructure and Energy Savings with SWIFt
    Recording | Slides
  • EPA Resources for Local Governments
    Recording | Slides


Energy Services assists, educates, and encourages Michigan communities to advance conservation and efficient use of energy resources in order to provide a healthier environment and achieve greater energy security for future generations.

Air sealing, insulating, installing higher performance HVAC systems, replacing old lights with LEDs, and upgrading your windows are just a few easy ways to improve energy efficiency. The next step is to make the jump to renewables like wind and solar. These clean energy sources are critical to improving air quality in Michigan, protecting the health of residents, and fostering a vibrant green economy.

Energy Services works with citizens groups, local governments, public school systems, and other community-based entities through innovation, education, partnerships, and financial and technical assistance. By working together to deploy smarter energy choices, we can reach the energy goals of our communities faster and more efficiently!

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Regardless of where your community finds itself on the energy management spectrum, we want to hear from you so we can better deploy our resources to help. Please reach out to our staff at to see how Energy Services can be of service to you.


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