• solar panel imageSolar energy development is rapidly growing in Michigan as technology and price continue to become more accessible. For both small-scale and utility-scale projects, the resources below can help identify the right policies for your community.


    Communities around the state are exploring solar power to offset the costs and emissions of other energy sources. Solar panels provide a flexible alternative to coal and gas powerplants that can allow communities to produce clean energy for local residents and the rest of the state. These resources will help you prepare, plan, and zone for solar energy production in your community.

  • Guidebook for Local Governments PDF icon

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    Becoming Solar-Ready: A Guide for Michigan Governments, produced under a grant to the Clean Energy Coalition from the MEDC—Michigan Energy Office, includes sample permitting checklists, board and council resolutions, and planning/zoning language.

  • Comparison: Minnesota Guidelines

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    Grow Solar Minnesota: Local Government Solar Toolkit, produced by the Great Plains Institute, addresses the role of solar development in comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances and provides sample ordinance language.

  • Sample Ordinance Language PDF icon

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    Model Zoning for the Regulation of Solar Energy Systems, produced by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, includes sample ordinance language for solar energy development of all sizes, along with recommendations.

  • Integrating Solar Energy into Local Plans PDF icon

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    Integrating Solar Energy into Local Plans, one of the American Planning Association's Solar Briefing Papers, is a short guide on incorporating goals, objectives, policies, and actions that support solar energy use into local plans.

  • Sample Master Plan Language PDF icon

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    Planning for Solar Energy, produced by the American Planning Association, is an in-depth report on how planners can promote solar energy use through local policy and action.

  • More Resources

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    A table of additional documents and websites on preparing, planning, and zoning for solar energy production.