• API Release

    APIs will be released over the summer of 2014, with the last API released on Sept. 10.

  • Event Dates and Times

    Event days are Oct. 3, 4, 5, 2014.
    Official start time is Oct. 3 at 5 p.m.
    Official submission deadline is Oct. 5 at 10 a.m.
    Official end time is Oct. 5 at 5 p.m.

  • Participation

    You may participate as an individual or as a member of a team. All skill levels are welcome, professionals and amateurs.

  • How to Participate

    Sign up at using the links/buttons at the top of the page.

  • Walk-In

    A limited number of walk-ins will be allowed depending on the capacity of the host site.

  • Eligibility for Contest Submissions

    Participants must be at least 18 years old to participate, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian registered for the event.

    Code Michigan committee members and judges are not eligible to win prizes.

    State of Michigan employees may participate, but are not eligible to win cash prizes, however student interns are.

    An individual participant is expected to be onsite at Detroit, Newaygo or Marquette.

    A team must have at least one participant at Detroit, Newaygo or Marquette. Teams may have remote members, i.e. members not located at Detroit, Newaygo or Marquette. A remote team member must be registered with Detroit, Newaygo or Marquette.

    Previous 2013 grand prize winner may NOT participate in Code Michigan 2014.

  • Contest Submission Requirements

    All applications shall incorporate an API from the State of Michigan. The preferred source is Data sources found at are also eligible, but be prepared to demonstrate the source is the State of Michigan website.

    Regional prizes must be accepted in person.

    Participants must be registered to win.

    Participants must register for one, and only one, of the regional locations.

    Participants must submit a five (5) minute or less video to YouTube demonstrating your team's application.

    Participants must submit a written description, 400 words or less, of the application via an online form. (The online form will be activated during the event.)

    Participant must submit the above items by 10 a.m. on Oct. 5.

  • Challenge Solution Submission Requirements

    Challenge solutions are eligible to be entered in the main contest if they meet contest submission requirements. (Above)

    Challenge solution prizes are awarded separately by the challenge provider/owner.

    Challenge solutions are judged based on whether or not the provider/owner likes the solution.

    Challenge providers/owners are under no obligation to choose a winner.

  • Ownership

    Participants will maintain ownership to all original code and materials created previous to, during, and after the Code Michigan event.

    State of Michigan provided data and data derivatives shall be shared under Creative Commons or Public Domain License, which ever applies.

  • General Conditions

    Participants must have identification to enter and re-enter the event area.

    Only registered participants may remain at the venues throughout the night.

  • Prizes

    Prizes will be announced at the award ceremony. Winners will receive checks within 30 days of the announcement.

    First, second and third prizes will be awarded to separate people or teams.

    An individual or team member must be present to accept the award.

    Challenge prizes are not the responsibility of Code Michigan. Challenge prizes are the responsibility of the challenge owner.

    Challenge prizes are awarded at the discretion of the challenge owner and are not required to award a prize.

  • Privacy

    No guarantee of personal privacy is provided. Code Michigan reserves the right to share participants' first and last names for media inquiries.

  • Limitation of Liability

    Participants are responsible for their belongings; Code Michigan is not liable for stolen or lost items.

  • Respect

    Be considerate of both the space and the other participants. Basically, not do anything that will harm the venue or detract from other individual's participation and enjoyment of the event.

  • Integrity

    We expect the majority of the development to happen during the event weekend. Formulating an idea in advance is okay, creating an app in advance is not.

  • Share

    Collaboration between teams and individuals is acceptable.

  • Contribute

    Teams are encouraged to create new datasets.

  • Fair Play

    You should be prepared to disclose any pre-built components.

  • Mashups

    You are welcome to incorporate data from outside datasets and APIs but must still use one of the State's APIs.