Code Michigan 2013 Videos

  • Code Michigan 2013

    A look back at some of the highlights from Code Michigan 2013.
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  • MiMaps

    Sam Harrel

    My entry into the 2013 Code Michigan Hackathon in Detroit. It's a mapping application that helps users find and navigate Michigan's natural wonders.
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  • MiLegi

    Robert Fox, et al

    MiLegi increases the engagement in MI legislative process providing realtime house and senate info that can be shared via social networks.
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  • LoveTax

    Michael Evens, Ben Fraser, Dennis Fiore

    LoveTax provides a citizens the opportunity to taxes on any property in the City of Detroit.
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  • Commuteity

    Brian Nuszkowski

    Commuteity is a service that allows Michigan residents to easily locate car pool lots while providing the option to offer commuting services.
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  • MiPlaces

    Charles Hoffmeyer

    An app to help tourists + locals discover the most interesting historical places in Michigan.
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  • MiBiz

    Rachel Hyman, David Catalan, Benjamin Lippi

    Tool to help businesses to expand to the state of Michigan.
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  • Parks2go

    Patrick Haggood

    Make it simple for busy families to enjoy nature, parks, and bring business to local vendors at the same time.
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  • Family Outings

    Cliff Nowicki, Eric Malcolm

    Family app to find age based location to go to as a family base on age and rating.
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  • Good Neighbor

    David Smith, et al

    Gives users instant access to nearby police station phone numbers and helps neighbors act as neighborhood watch.
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  • MiCrashes

    Ravinder Jilkapally

    Create cluster data map of MI traffic crash data segmented by crash category also provides and feed to MiPage.
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  • MiTrekker

    Evol Mark Johnson

    Travel and Safety Guide.
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  • Heat Map

    Brandon Arrendondo

    Providing the capability to programmatically generate a heat map of Michigan given open data sets.
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  • MiLink

    Olvi Tole, Irisi Tole

    Residents of Mi can find activities to do, available from state places and state parks. Users can find Facebook friends with similar interests.
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