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Questions About COVID-19?


Mask Up, Michigan


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    Learn how masks reduce the spread and can help keep Michigan open.

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MI Safe Start

  • The MI Safe Start Plan outlines how we are re-engaging the economy while keeping our communities safe.

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  • Where We Stand With COVID-19

    Where We Stand With COVID-19

    The State of Michigan is working around the clock to test and treat COVID-19 patients. Below is the most recent data healthcare experts across the state have compiled. It is updated daily.

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    Total Confirmed Cases


    Total COVID-19 Deaths


    Daily Confirmed Cases


    Daily COVID-19 Deaths


    * Today’s daily case count is about 100 cases below the true number of case referrals received since yesterday. This is primarily due to a large number of out-of-state cases being referred to the appropriate states of residence and then removed from Michigan’s totals. These cases include out-of-state residents tested in Michigan or incorrect address information. Once a correct address is provided, these cases are shared with the appropriate states. Because of this adjustment, the true number of Michigan resident referrals is more accurately reflected as 446. This does not affect the overall total case number which remains at 67,683. Updated 7/9/2020


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Resources and Assistance


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Get the Latest From the CDC

  • Latest From CDC

    The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention has more information at a federal level about COVID-19 and our current pandemic. Click the link below to access the federal government's information and resources. 

    Visit CDC.GOV