Michigan is a "wage loss state." What does that mean?

Michigan is a "wage loss compensation" state, meaning the establishment of an injury or occupational disablement is only the first step. The next step is determining if the injury or illness causes a wage loss, either by restricting the number of hours you can work or keeping you from working altogether.  Section 301 of the Workers' Disability Compensation Act states the following:

An employee, who receives a personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment by an employer who is subject to this act at the time of the injury, shall be paid compensation as provided in this act. A personal injury under this act is compensable if work causes, contributes to or aggravates pathology in a manner so as to create a pathology that is medically distinguishable from any pathology that existed prior to the injury. In the case of death resulting from the personal injury to the employee, compensation shall be paid to the employee's dependents as provided in this act.