EO 2020-77: May campgrounds remain open for public use under Executive Order 2020-77? (No longer effective)

In general, no. Recreational camping at campgrounds who rent to individuals who otherwise have a primary residence and are traveling to the campground for non-COVID-19-related purposes are not permitted under this order. However, in some limited cases, workers at campgrounds may be critical infrastructure workers to the extent they “provide temporary or permanent housing for… shelter ... for ... otherwise needy individuals.” For purposes of the order, the term “otherwise needy individuals” includes anyone residing in a campground at the time the order was issued or anyone seeking shelter during the current pandemic. They may also remain open to the extent they are used for COVID-19 mitigation and containment efforts and to serve critical infrastructure workers. 

If a licensed campground serves in the above capacity, it may only engage in activities to provide shelter and basic needs. In engaging in those activities, it must limit guest-to-guest, guest-to-staff, and staff-to-staff interactions as much as possible and must adopt all other mitigation measures required by section 11 of the order. It may not provide additional on-site amenities such as gyms, pools, spas, entertainment facilities, meetings rooms, or like facilities, or provide in-house dining.