How is MDOS ensuring election security and integrity for the Nov. 3 General Election?

Secretary Benson and her administration have adopted national best practices and done numerous things to ensure Michigan elections are secure. They include:
  • Improving the state’s Qualified Voter File
  • Joining the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)
  • Conducting audits of election results
  • Hiring the state’s first election security expert
  • Convening national experts on an election security commission to review and make recommendations to strengthen our system
  • Partnering with DHS and other agencies to test and strengthen our systems
  • Using all paper ballots to ensure a paper record of all votes

The Bureau of Elections (BOE) will host a hotline for voters, poll workers, and local officials with questions or concerns. More information is also available online at  

The state is also partnering with 866-OUR-VOTE to provide interested voters with information on voting rights and voter protection resources.  


Last updated Oct, 26, 2020