Why are the phases changing?

MDHHS has revised the implementation schedule in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Efficiency. In order to vaccinate rapidly, MDHHS has limited the use of complex eligibility rules, including rules for determining who is a frontline or essential worker. For the next stage of the rollout, MDHHS has limited the Phase 1B essential workers category to workers who have high levels of personal exposure (Phase 1B, Group B). 
  • Effectiveness. While moving quickly, MDHHS is also targeting vaccine to those at greatest risk. To date, 80% of deaths have occurred among those 65 and older. In addition to vaccinating Michiganders who are 75+ in Phase 1B (Phase 1B, Group A), MDHHS is accelerating to vaccinate individuals 65-74 years old in Phase 1C, 
  • Equity. In this phase, MDHHS is accelerating implementation of vaccination of 65-74 years due to concern around disparity in life expectancy by race/ethnicity for this group (Phase 1C, Group A). The simplicity of criteria will limit differential access to system based on income or privilege.