I am a LTC who hasn't had a contact yet, what do I do?

Walgreens and CVS are still working to reach all the over 4900 facilities enrolled in part B of the Federal Pharmacy Partnership Program to get them scheduled for their first clinics. If the facility in question is a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), they were activated as part of Part A of the program and they should have been contacted already. If they are a SNF and they have not yet been contacted, they can reach out to MDHHS. All of the “other” facilities (these include assisted living, CCRC, personal care homes, residential care, adult family home, adult foster home, IDD, HUD 202,

Veteran's homes) were activated as part of Part B and they are still being contacted. They should, hopefully, hear from their matched CVS or Walgreens partner by the end of the week. We appreciate the facilities’ patience and just know that our pharmacy partners are working extremely hard to contact all the enrolled facilities and get their clinics scheduled.