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Can minors still work?

When school is not in session minors 14 to 17 may work 48 hours a week.

Minor must have valid work permit issued by the local public school. If the local school is closed, contact the local superintendent office.

Minors 14/15 may not work before 7 am or 9 pm. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not allow minors 14/15 to work past 9:00 pm.

Minors 16/17 may not work before 6 am or past 11:30 when school is not in session.

Minors require adult supervision, age 18 and older at all times. A minor shall not be employed unless the employer or his or her employee at least 18 years of age provides supervision. The supervisor must ensure immediate assistance is available in case of an emergency.

Minors should not be employed in hazardous occupations. Example: minors cannot work as a delivery driver, operate the fryer at a fast food restaurant operate power driven machinery. Visit the youth employment webpage for more information, including work permits and posters about workplace safety.