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Do I need to call to confirm my office visit if I scheduled online?

You don't need to call to confirm your office visit if you scheduled online. We appreciate you saving that call for residents who need assistance with other issues. 

At the time of scheduling your visit, we will send an email to the address you provide that will confirm the date, time, and location of your visit, as well as the transaction you need to complete. We strongly encourage you to add your visit to your calendar and this email includes an option to automatically do so. 

Unless you unsubscribe from our emails, closer to your visit you will receive an additional email reminder confirming the details of your visit. If you can't locate your email reminder in your inbox, we recommend checking the spam or junk folders of your email account. Whether or not you get a reminder, you should still plan to come to the office at the time scheduled for service.


Last updated Dec. 8, 2021