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What does the outbreak data on the website mean?

Numbers of outbreaks are reported to MDHHS by local health departments every week. In general, a COVID-19 outbreak is: two or more cases connected by place and time indicating a shared exposure outside of a household. For example, two new COVID-19 cases where it has been identified they visited the same restaurant on the same day, would be reported as an outbreak.

Outbreak data is presented in two tables:

  1. The number of new outbreaks
    1. Identified in the current reporting week.
    2. Reported by setting and emergency preparedness region.
  2. The number of ongoing outbreaks
    1. Identified in previous weeks, but have had at least one new associated case reported in the last two weeks.
    2. After two weeks with no new cases, the outbreak is considered closed and removed from the ongoing outbreaks.
    3. Reported by setting and emergency preparedness region.

New and ongoing outbreaks are only counted once: new outbreaks are not also counted in the ongoing outbreak category. To learn more about outbreak data in your area, review the local data on your local health department website