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When and for how long are my workers' compensation benefits paid?

MCL 418.311 of the Worker’s Disability Compensation Act provides that compensation is paid only after your injury or illness causes wage loss for a period of at least one week (7 consecutive days). If your wage loss lasts beyond one week, you are entitled to benefits as of the eighth day after the start of the wage loss. If your wage loss continues for two weeks or longer, then you are entitled to be paid compensation for the first week of wage loss. Your first check is due and payable on the 14th day of wage loss. However, a benefit check is not considered late until 30 days after the due date. Your benefits continue so long as you suffer wage loss, which could be for the rest of your life. However, your benefits can be reduced by other employer funded benefits, old age social security, and when you turn 65 at 5% per year up to age 75.