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Emotional Health Guidance

For adults

Flyer: Be Kind to Your Mind support group

Resources for Coping with COVID: Mental Health and Mindfulness Support for Persons with Disabilities and Other Vulnerable Individuals

Addressing Emotional Needs While You're Sick: Guidance for Individuals

For Adults Recovering From the Emotional Toll of COVID-19
Spanish Arabic Chinese German

Your Well-Being During COVID-19 - Information for Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Grief & Loss in the COVID-19 Context and Beyond

Mindfulness and Stress Resilience Activities

National Alliance on Mental Illness COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

Stay Well Counseling Line flyer
Spanish | Arabic


For older adults

For Older Adults Recovering from the Emotional Toll of COVID-19 
Spanish Arabic Chinese German

Additional COVID-19 Guidance for Older Adults


For health care workers/first responders

Supporting Emotional Health of the Health Care Workforce

Supporting First Responders During COVID-19

Supporting Emotional Health of the Behavioral Health Workforce During COVID-19

Addressing Patients Emotional Needs During COVID-19 Workup and Diagnosis: Guidance for Clinicians

Providing Care for The Emotional and Mental Health of Racial and Ethnic Minorities

Supporting Peers in the Behavioral Health Network

Supporting Law Enforcement During COVID-19


For parents, youth and teachers

Helping a Child Recover From the Emotional Toll of COVID-19

Tip Sheet for Helping Children Cope with Stress
Spanish Arabic Chinese German

Communicating with Children During COVID-19

Helping Children Through Grief and Loss

Welcoming Home an Adult Child with SUD during COVID-19

Teens & COVID-19

Tips for Teens    Form for ordering prints

Tips for LGBTQ Youth    Form for ordering prints

Free digital lessons designed to help students in grades K-12 develop the skills required for social, emotional, and mental well-being. This portal will be available at no cost until the end of the 2020-21 school year.


For caregivers

Tips for Caregivers

Tips for Childcare Providers

Supporting Deaf & Hard of Hearing


For expectant and new mothers

Newborn Guide

Breastfeeding During COVID-19


For those with substance use disorders

Support for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders During Covid-19


For corrections staff

Supporting Corrections Staff


For veterans

Mental Health Resources for Veterans During COVID-19