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Coping with Grief and Loss Through the Holidays

Coping with Grief and Loss Through the Holidays banner

An online workshop series on Wednesdays at NOON from November 17 to December 22

After the loss of a loved one, holidays can feel especially lonely and difficult to navigate. Suddenly, the traditions you cherish don't feel the same. Friends and family members may not understand your reactions, but others who are grieving can relate - and their support can help.

In this 6-week webinar series, clinical mental health counselor Zeinab Moussa continues to discuss the emotions experienced by those who are grieving and offers healthy ways to cope through the upcoming holidays. Like her previous grief-and-loss webinar series, each weekly workshop will focus on one aspect of the grieving process, and participants will engage in drawing, writing, mental exercises, and relaxation techniques to help them work through their grief.

Supplies needed: plain paper; markers or crayons; pencil or pen.

Register for as many sessions as you like. All are free of charge. Click here to register.


Wednesday, November 17: Denial

Wednesday, November 24: Anger

Wednesday, December 1: Depression

Wednesday, December 8: Anxiety

Wednesday, December 15: Acceptance

Wednesday, December 22: Closure


Zeinab Moussa, M.A., LLPCThe Stay Well "Grief and Loss" workshops are led by clinical mental health counselor Zeinab Moussa, M.A., LLPC, who specializes in helping people work through personal issues in their lives. Her professional background includes providing behavioral and mental health services, special education, and art education.