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Product Sourcing to Date

Category Amount purchased by state procurement Amount received from all sources
Face/Eye Shields 5,117,552 5,650,768
Gloves 50,088,225 44,564,415
Gowns 7,251,896 6,656,271
Respirator Masks 29,742,240 24,145,830
Surgical Masks 10,510,000 13,414,500
Ventilators 458 1,208

The amount purchased by state procurement reflects DTMB purchases as of July 22, 2020.

The amount received from all sources includes:

  • Supplies purchased by DTMB that have been received at a state warehouse
  • SNS and FEMA supplies (not purchased by the state) distributed directly to state warehouses
  • Large third-party donations received in state warehouses Note: As the amount received includes multiple sources of supply, the total received can exceed the amount purchased by the state

Not included in the above table:

  • Purchases made by counties, cities, private organizations, or care providers
  • Third-party donations made directly to counties, cities, or care providers
  • SNS and FEMA supplies distributed directly to counties, cities, or care providers