The Council of State Governments Reports

After a year-long and unprecedented review of crime and corrections data in Michigan, The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center released its findings and recommendations on January 22, 2009. With the support of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Michigan's Legislature, and the Michigan Department of Corrections, CSG analyzed the state's prison and parole populations, re-incarceration and re-arrest rates, and other crime data. As a result of their findings, CSG recommended the following for corrections:
  • Reduce re-arrest rates among probationers.
  • Respond to probation violations with swift, certain and proportional sanctions.
  • Expand employment services for high-risk probationers and parolees.
  • Ensure that prisoners serve 100-120% of their court imposed minimum sentence.
  • Ensure supervision for everyone released from prison.
  • Continue to reduce the prisoner population that is past their minimum release date.

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