Detroit Reentry Center (DRC)

Ryan Correctional Facility 

Wayne County 

Wayne County 

Acting Warden Doug Smith
17600 Ryan Road
Detroit, MI 48212



Current jobs 

TELEPHONE: (313) 368-3200
OPENED: 1991
AGE LIMIT: Males and females, 18 and older


The Detroit Reentry Center is located on the east side of Detroit on 39 acres, off Ryan Road. The land was previously used by Daimler Chrysler AG to store automobiles.

The facility contains buildings for housing, educational and vocational instruction, food services, a health clinic, dialysis unit, administrative offices, warehouse storage, MSI factory, and security. The prison has a small segregation unit and is separated from the surrounding area by a six-foot landscaped berm with evergreen and deciduous trees.


The Institution houses Parolees, Parole Violators (Men and Women), Probationers, and Prisoners. The institution's Programming includes Domestic Violence Programming, Residential Substance Abuse Programming, and Advanced Substance Abuse Programming, and Thinking for a Change.  There is also employment readiness training with the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation. The factory serves as a training center where the offenders can get on the job training in factory work as well as HI-LO certification.  The vocational food technology program serves meals as part of the training. About 200 community volunteers help staff in providing prisoners with faith-based programming.

Health care is provided at the prison, at the Duane L. Waters Health Care in Jackson or at local hospitals in the event of emergencies.

Security is provided by two 12-foot fences, electronic detection systems, razor-ribbon wire, gun towers and buffer fencing.