Region I nursing excellence award

William Kaupp, Cindi Jenkins, Gwen Sample, Linda Cudney and Rick Anderson

Correctional Facilities Administration Region I Nursing Services in the Michigan Department of Corrections honored six nurses for nursing excellence in 2004. These nurses were recognized for their achievements in the correctional setting and honored for excelling in their professional performance.

Awards were presented to: Gwen Sample, RN, Camp Cusino, Clinical Care; Cindi Jenkins, RN,

From left: William Kaupp, KCF; Cindi Jenkins, KTF; Gwen Sample, CCU; Linda Cudney, CLE and Rick Anderson, OCF.

Straits Correctional Facility, Leadership; William Kaupp, RN, Kinross Correctional Facility, Mentoring; Maryrose Galloway, RN, Alger Maximum Correctional Facility, Patient Advocacy; Linda Cudney, RN, Camp Lehman, Collaboration; and Richard Anderson, RN, Ojibway Correctional Facility, Flexibility/Adaptability.

Additionally, certificates of achievement were also presented to eleven other nurses. These nurses were: Daniel Wronski, RN, of Marquette Branch Prison; Don Schwartz, RN, of Standish Maximum Correctional Facility; Wendy Ball, RN, Lyne Hansen, RN, Gerry Covert, RN, and Theresa Merling, RN of Chippewa Correctional Facility; Maria Pereira, RN and Kim Sauro, RN of Straits Correctional Facility; Ed Pearson, RN of Pugsley Correctional Facility; Carol Williams, RN of Kinross Correctional Facility; and Jane Mayotte, RN of Saginaw Correctional Facility.

"All our nurses deserve recognition for the work they do," said Terry Malloy, MSN, Regional Health Administrator for Region I. "However, these nurses set an example for us all."

Michigan Department of Corrections FYI 05-13-04