Intensive Detention Reentry Program

The Department implemented the Intensive Detention Reentry Program (IDRP) in July 2004.  IDRP is intended for use in chronic non-compliance parole cases in which community supervision is likely to be continued and to re-focus the offender's attention toward compliance with parole rules when returned to the community.  The Department currently contracts with the Ingham County Jail to house up to 100 parole violators.  Violation behavior could include technical violations - e.g., failure to report, failure to attend treatment, etc., - or may include new misdemeanor or non-assaultive felony pending charges that meet certain criteria.  Offenders may be placed in IDRP for up to 45 days with the average stay of 30 days.  

IDRP falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of Parole and Probation Services, Field Operations Administration. During their placement at IDRP, the parolees are provided assistance with housing, treatment and employment needs.  These components are in order to assist them with their return to community supervision; therefore, promoting offender success.