RUO Enderle receives Bronze Star for exceptional conduct

RUO Duane Enderle

RUO Duane Enderle, St. Louis Correctional Facility, is currently serving as a Staff Sergeant (SSG) in the U.S. Army. He recently distinguished himself by exceptional conduct in the face of the enemy as an infantry squad leader in Iraq during operation Iraqi Freedom. He received the Bronze Star for his actions.The Bronze Star is an award that orginates from a Presidential order which must be signed by the Secretary of the Army.

During a platoon movement for an operation on MSR (Main Service Road) Michigan, the military’s codename for Iraq Highway 10, the second vehicle of a six-vehicle formation was hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), a homemade bomb. The ensuing dust cloud instantly consumed the vehicles and a collision occurred with an M2 Bradley fighting vehicle. As the dust and smoke lifted, the vehicles on the site came under small arms attack originating from the town of Al Khalidiyah. Of the six platoon vehicles, three were completely destroyed by the IED and collision.

SSG Enderle quickly exited his vehicle and prioritized the tasks of moving the injured soldiers. SSG Enderle’s exceptional leadership was instrumental in directing all personnel involved with treating, securing and evacuating the casualties.

With rounds impacting the immediate area, SSG Enderle quickly set his squad to work extracting five seriously wounded soldiers from the wreckage with little regard for the injuries he also sustained from the attack. He directed the aid allowing the platoon medic to triage and treat the casualties. The quick action taken by SSG Enderle and his men were instrumental to the successful evacuation of his injured platoon members and battle-damaged equipment.

SSG Enderle also received the army commendation medal for exceptional meritorious service in support of operation Iraqi Freedom from February 2005 to May 2006.

Michigan Department of Corrections FYI 060106