MDOC Staff Enjoy Lunch with Governor Snyder

Governor Snyder with members of the Michigan Department of CorrectionsTen members of the Michigan Department of Corrections recently had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with Governor Rick Snyder. (Pictured L to R: Missy Hetherington, Karen Moore, Tammy Wakley, Darrel Stinson,Jared Ayres, Konita Luma, Andrew Phelps, Governor Snyder,Jeremy Labelle, Patrick Heath, and Brian Teske.) 

Governor Snyder has luncheons like these with employees from each state department in order to receive some personal feedback from employees on the front lines about what’s going on in their agency. Employees were able to share their experiences with Governor Snyder and get a glimpse into the Governor’s daily business.

Governor Snyder with Jeremy LabelleWhile at the luncheon, Human Resource Developer Jeremy Labelle was awarded a Symbol of Excellence coin by Governor Snyder. On September 14, 2013, Jeremy represented the Michigan Department of Corrections Emergency Response Teams who were called upon to assist Belding area law enforcement efforts in finding a lost 10-year-old boy. Jeremy worked in the multi-agency command center that helped organize and direct MDOC ERT staff to search the Flat River area. The search efforts included coordinating helicopters, K-9 units, boats, volunteers and divers, and included searching wooded areas and also door to door search efforts. Sadly, the boy was not recovered alive, but was instead discovered by search divers in the Flat River near one of the boy’s favorite fishing spots. Jeremy and the MDOC ERT staff were an integral part of the efforts and were recognized by the assisting agencies for their professionalism, dedication to the mission and their personal compassion.