Recruit Academy


Those interested in working with the Michigan Department of Corrections can now start their career on day one of training.

The MDOC launched corrections officer academies, which will provide new recruits with department-funded training.

The department’s training program is among the most comprehensive in the country and includes eight weeks of classroom instruction, along with eight weeks of on-the-job training where new employees are paired with a veteran corrections officer.

New recruits will become state employees as soon as they begin training and their room and board will be covered by the department while they attend classes.

Applications are available, start dates and locations are still to be determined.

Corrections remains a career with a future of growth.

The annual starting salary for an entry-level corrections officer is approximately $37,481 and the maximum salary for an experienced corrections officer after five and a half years of satisfactory service is approximately $57,407. The opportunities for promotion continue to increase as motivated individuals are needed to fill the shoes of retiring employees.

Corrections officers have an important role in the community and within department facilities—they are protectors, motivators, educators and caretakers.

They have a chance to make an impact on the lives of offenders housed at MDOC facilities, and on the lives of those in the communities where they live and work.

Officers and facilities regularly support local charities and participate in service programs to give back and better their community.

Help us continue the legacy of excellence upheld by Michigan’s corrections officers today and sign up now, or refer a friend or family member.

Requirements for education and training remain the same.

Any questions regarding the training academy should be directed to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Recruitment Section, P.O. Box 30003, Lansing, MI 48909, Phone 517-335-1874 or toll free 888-820-7129.

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