Effective 10/01/2017 the Prisoner Mail Policy will be updated with new requirements



Effective October 1, 2017, the Michigan Department of Corrections is implementing significant changes to the Prisoner Mail Policy, PD 05.03.118.  A new Operating Procedure has been developed as well, that will further outline new requirements for processing incoming prisoner personal mail.  The following regulations will be strictly enforced:

  • All mail must be received in WHITE envelopes only; no security features will be permitted.
  • Padded, cardboard, tear resistant or similar envelopes will not be allowed.
  • Stickers of any type, including return address labels, are prohibited.
  • Mail containing stains of any type including but not limited to perfume, lipstick, oily substances, water marks, body fluids, etc., are not allowed.
  • ­­Only mail written in blue or black ink or lead pencil is permitted.  Mail written in marker, crayon, paint, glitter, chalk, charcoal or colored inks is not permitted.
  • Mail must not contain glue/paste or nontransparent tape of any type.
  • ­­Greeting cards must be no larger than 6” x 8”, single fold, commercially produced with no embellishments, including but not limited to cutouts, jewels, raised areas, etc…

Mail received that violates any of the above regulations will be returned to the sender and/or be rejected by the mailroom staff in accordance with PD 05.03.118.