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Lynn Gorski

Wellness Program Manager

As the Program Manager for the new MDOC Wellness Program, I have been truly honored to be a part of this essential Wellness initiative for the MDOC community.  It has been an extraordinary road in beginning to develop a Wellness program to best support MDOC employees, retirees, and family members.   The Wellness Unit is committed to our mission of “supporting the wellness of the MDOC community and the well-being of those who serve”.

I had come from the Michigan Department of the State Police (MSP) and had the privilege of supporting MSP employees as a police psychologist in the Office of Behavioral Services for almost nine years.  Prior to this, I served as a mental health professional with Berrien County Sheriff’s Department providing services within the correctional and criminal justice fields.  My experiences as a Limited Licensed Psychologist working with specialized public safety fields has guided my passion in supporting those who serve.  I have dedicated my career to taking up the mission of wellness and will continue this commitment as your MDOC Wellness Program Manager.