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Offender Success

Public safety is enhanced when we address the risks and needs of individuals in the criminal justice system using evidence-based techniques.  These techniques include things such as providing cognitive behavioral therapy to change thinking and behavior, providing education and job training opportunities to improve economic stability, and providing support in the community such as stable housing or job placement services.

Within the MDOC, the Offender Success Administration oversees these efforts and many more.  With over 300 dedicated employees, the mission of Offender Success is to help hold individuals accountable while promoting their success.

The MDOC’s Offender Success Model establishes the ways in which this is done, with goals including:

  1. Reducing crime and recidivism while promoting lifelong intrinsic change.
  2. Providing services and developing opportunities for each person who is served so they have the tools needed to succeed in the community as productive, self-sufficient citizens.
  3. Maintaining a system of collaboration that includes assessment, programming, planning, and integrated case management to promote individual success.
Offender Success is an aspect of all three jurisdictions of the MDOC: Probation, Prison, and Parole.  Please visit the Offender Success webpages to learn more about the individual programs that make up the Department’s Offender Success efforts.

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Updated: 04/22/22