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Prisoner Programming

The Program Development and Maintenance Section, working in concert with the Bureau of Healthcare, is responsible for research of evidence-based practices and national best practice models, gatekeeping the process for implementing new programs within the Department, managing the quality assurance and improvement process within the Reentry Division, program training, establishing systems to track and analyze program effectiveness and efficiencies, and implementation and training of clinical assessments. Additionally this section is responsible for collaborating with other state and community agencies by representing the Department regarding reentry programming.

Prisoner programming focuses on changing the prisoners thought processes utilizing cognitive restructuring and behavioral techniques. Prisoners are considered for programming while incarcerated based on their assessed risk and need level and are prioritized by their Earliest Release Date (ERD). Prisoners must meet specific criteria to be placed into Core Programs and cannot elect or self-refer for participation. Completion of required programming does not guarantee positive Parole Board action.


The following programs are available at designated facilities and delivered by trained staff as identified below:

Core Programs – Men:
Thinking for a Change (T4C)
Cage Your Rage (CYR)
Advanced Substance Abuse Treatment (ASAT)
Substance Abuse Outpatient
Violence Prevention Program High (VPP High)
Violence Prevention Program Moderate (VPP Moderate)
Sex Offender Program (SOP)
Michigan Sex Offender Program
Employment Readiness/Pre-Release

Core Programs – Women:
Moving On
Seeking Safety
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT)
Substance Abuse Outpatient
Beyond Violence
Sex Offender Program (SOP)
Employment Readiness/Pre-Release

Elective/Secondary Programs – Men and Women:
Academic Classes
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
Assaultive Offender Program (AOP)
Career and Technical Counseling (CTC)
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Chance for Life (CFL)
College (Post-Secondary Programs)
Faith and Character Prison – Men Only
Family Preservation
Inside Out Dad – Men Only
Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
Parenting Inside Out (PIO) – Women Only
RSAT Step-down – Women Only
Routine Work Assignment (RWA)
SCORE/Prison Build
Substance Abuse Education

Note: Programs may be added or removed as approved by the Reentry Division.