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The Parole Board gains jurisdiction of a case when a prisoner has served their minimum sentence, less any good time or disciplinary credits the prisoner may have earned.  A prisoner remains under Parole Board jurisdiction until discharge from parole or when the maximum prison term has been served, whichever occurs first. 

With a few exceptions, most prisoners serving a parolable life sentence are eligible for parole after serving 10 years if their crime was committed prior to October 1, 1992, or after 15 years for crimes occurring after that date.  Parolable lifers are interviewed upon serving 10 calendar years of the life sentence.  The Parole Board reviews the file of a parolable lifer at the conclusion of 15 calendar years of the sentence and every 5 years thereafter until the prisoner is paroled and discharged.  A public Hearing must be held prior to a lifer parole, and [arole cannot be granted if the sentencing judge files written objections.