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Sex Offender Management

In 1996, the Department of Corrections established "sex offender caseloads" for Parole and Probation agents specializing in the supervision of sex offenders.

Parolees or probationers that are serving for sex offenses are monitored more intensively than non-sex offenders.   Conditions of parole and probation are specific in a manner suitable to the person’s success and to assist with the protection of the public from further victimization. 

Examples of supervision conditions that may be ordered on this population by the Sentencing Judge or Michigan Parole Board are:
No contact with children
No use of computers
Comply with the Sex Offender Registration Act
Not be within 1,000 feet of schools
Complete approved sex offender treatment
Electronic Monitoring/Global Positioning System as required by Statute
Polygraph Examinations
The Department of Corrections is aware of the continuous developments with the Internet and is pro-active in monitoring social networking sites and electronic devices belonging to sex offenders.
"Sex offender specific" polygraphs are used in various areas throughout the State to assist with identifying risk and monitoring offender behavior. 

Sex offender management is a collaboration between community agencies and Parole and Probation agents to ensure sex offenders receive the treatment and supervision needed to successfully complete supervision and to remain in the community productively and offense free.