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Crisis Stabilization Program

The Crisis Stabilization Program (CSP) services are provided 24 hours/7 days a week for prisoners whose symptoms and behavior demonstrate a mental health crisis with an immediate need for intervention and futher evaluation.  The crisis may be an urgent or potentially emergent mental illness and/or a potential high risk of suicide.  CSP uses solution-focused treatment to allow quick re-establishment of more stabilized coping behavior so the prisoner can be reintegrated into the prison general population.  These services intend to achieve the following outcome:

  1. Provide expedited access to psychiatric evaluation in a mental health emergency through a combination of on-site and on-call services.
  2. Provide a safe and secure setting for further or more intensive assessment and evaluation of mental illness.
  3. Provide short-term evaluation and stabilization with solution-focused treatment for prisoners experiencing a crisis of such intensity that their normal level of coping is no longer sufficient to allow them to stay in general population.  The goal is to return the prisoners to their previous level of functioning and/or send them on to the most appropriate and least restrictive level of care.