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Outpatient Services

The Outpatient Services (OPT) program is an integral component of the mental health continuum of care, as it provides psychiatric services to prisoners residing in general population who have a serious mental illness/disability, as well as ensuring continuity, quality, and accessibility of services for prisoners discharged from more intensive levels of care.

Outpatient therapy is designed to help prisoners deal with chronic mental illness by compensating for any deficiencies attributed to their diagnoses, and by developing and implementing relapse prevention plans. Outpatient services are provided by interdisciplinary treatment teams that typically consist of a Unit Chief, Psychiatrist, at least two Qualified Mental Health Professionals (psychologist, clinical social worker, registered nurse or clinical nurse specialist) and a unit secretary. Members of the treatment team work with prisoners to design and implement an individualized plan of services, which may consist of any combination of group therapy, individual therapy or psychiatric intervention.