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Rehabilitative Treatment Services

The primary mission of the Rehabilitation Treatment Services (RTS) program is to provide inpatient treatment programs for prisoners with chronic serious mental illness/severe emotional disorders within a prison who have received maximum benefit from acute psychiatric services but who, nevertheless, continue to require continued intensive support. The RTS program utilizes an interdisciplinary treatment team consisting of a Unit Chief, psychiatrist, nurse, social worker, psychologist, and activity therapists with additional 24/7 coverage provided by correctional staff, on-site nurses and on-call psychiatrists, whose goal is to enable prisoners to function in a less intensive level of care within the CMHP.

The RTS program follows a bio-psychosocial rehabilitation model of mental illness and treatment and is an appropriate level of care for seriously mentally ill prisoners with symptoms and functional deficits that are chronic, resistant to treatment or disabling. The mental health needs of this population render them unsuitable for treatment in a less restrictive level of care. Often they have prominent negative symptoms of mental illness, severe difficulties with social skills, and difficulty in negotiating the activities of daily living without frequent supervision and assistance.