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Michigan Sex Offender Program

In 2010, the Michigan Department of Corrections contracted with the Center for Effective Public Policy (CEPP) for their Center for Sex Offender Management (CSOM) to conduct a review of current policies and practices regarding the delivery of institutionally-based sex offender treatment and provide recommendations for enhancing policy and practice based on the principles of evidence-based practice. Since the contract took effect 13 recommendations for future practice and policy have been developed. A workgroup then translated  those recommendations into a Strategic Action Plan. 

An implementation workgroup consisting of MDOC psychologists and central office staff utilized the strategic plan to operationalize an evidence-based residential program for moderate and high risk level offenders. The goal of this new program is to increase public safety by reducing criminal sexual recidivism amongst the current prison population. 

Several prisons have been designated as sex offender program hubs. Within each of these prisons, a Residential Treatment Unit (RTU) will be created. These units will house prioners who have been assessed at high, moderate or low risk level according to assessments. Each treatment unit is comprised of housing and psychological staff that operate as a treatment team. In addition, a self-help library and self-help group facilitators within the unit are encouraged resources, as these added elements greatly enhance the therapeutic experience.