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Rule 14. Notification and reporting.

(1) Applicants and licensees have a continuing duty to provide the department with up-to-date contact information and shall notify the department in writing of any changes to its mailing address, phone numbers, electronic mail address, and other contact information it provides the department.

(2) Applicants and licensees shall report any material and nonmaterial changes to the department.

(3) Applicants and licensees shall report nonmaterial changes to the department within 7 business days.

(4) Applicants and licensees shall report material changes to the department prior to the change, within 1 business day, and may need prior authorization by the department. Material changes, include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Change in owners, officers, members, or managers.

(b) Change of location. A change of location of a marihuana facility may trigger a new license and new inspection.

(c) The addition or removal of named people.

(d) Change in entity name.

(e) Any attempted transfer, sale, or other conveyance of an interest in a license.

(5) An applicant or licensee shall notify the department within 1 business day of all the following:

(a) Adverse reactions to marihuana product sold or transferred by any licensee.

(b) Criminal convictions, charges, or civil judgments in this state or any other state.

(c) Regulatory disciplinary action taken or determined against an applicant or licensee by this state or any other states, including any pending action.

(6) Failure to report material changes pursuant to subrule (4) of this rule or notifications under subrule (5) of this rule may result in sanctions or fines, or both.

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